2000A Busway Reconditioned in 1 Week

After Hurricane Laura, a specialty materials plant was still in recovery mode when they entered a scheduled changeover period.  While servicing equipment, water damage from the storm was found on decades-old 2000A busway, causing it to fail Megger testing.

The equipment was removed and transported to All Current where our technical experts quickly engaged. In our panel shop, our technicians disassembled, cleaned, plated, and rebuilt the equipment, ensuring successful Megger testing. Within one week, the reconditioned equipment was reinstalled, and the facility kept on track with its changeover window. 

The facility’s electrical distributor knew that they could count on All Current for a fast solution. With extensive experience in reconditioning, repairing, and replacing damaged equipment within tight timelines, All Current was well suited to solve the problem. To conclude the project for the long run, All Current is also building current model replacement busway.

In the field, decades-old out-of-production 2000A busway equipment wouldn’t pass a Megger test. 
​Extensive water damage was found.

Reconditioning work in process at the All Current shop.
The equipment was returned to service in 1 week.

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