Rigid Fittings

In Stock & Ready to Ship

At All Current, making sure that your customers are happy is our highest priority. That’s why our nationwide distribution centers are well-stocked with rigid fittings from brands you both trust. 

  • Bonding jumpers
  • Conduit hubs
  • Expansion and ​deflection fittings
  • Elbows and nipples
  • Set screw connectors and couplings
  • Compression connectors
  • Strut clamps
  • Split couplings
  • Right angle, parallel, and edge clamps
  • Reducing bushings
  • One hole straps
  • Clamp back spacers
  • Locknuts and bushings

Rigid fittings that are in stock typically ship the same day. When your customers need these products, All Current can help.

Rigid Fittings from ACP are in Stock

All Current offers an extensive selection of rigid fittings from our ACP electrical fittings product line. From expansion and deflection fittings to connectors and device boxes, plus much more, our ACP fittings are built to the rigorous standards you trust and are ready to ship nationwide.

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