Flex-AC-MC Fittings

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All Current’s nationwide distribution centers carry a wide range of
​Flex-AC-MC fittings. With no minimum orders plus same-day shipping, we can quickly get you what you need. We’re ready to help, so give us a call.

  • Squeeze connectors
  • Double bite connectors
  • Combination couplings
  • Quicklock connectors
  • Saddle connectors
  • Straight, 90° & 45° connectors
  • Insulated & non-insulated
  • Malleable iron, steel and die cast zinc

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ACP Electrical Fittings

Flex AC-MC Connectors

We are proud to offer our own line of fittings, ACP Electrical Fittings. The ACP product line includes a broad selection of Flex-AC-MC fittings, built to the rigorous standards and specifications that you trust.

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