Construction season is in full swing.

Count on All Current to keep you connected with a supply of electrical fittings to meet all your needs.

To borrow an old farming phrase, you must “make hay white the sun shines.” In our industry, that means your customers’ construction projects are moving full speed towards completion during the final months of construction season. And they’re counting on you to keep up.

Fortunately, you have All Current standing by with a large inventory of electrical fittings to meet your customers’ specific needs.

Conduit bodies, covers, & gaskets

Ideal for interior or exterior projects of any scope, our high-quality line of conduit bodies allow easy access for pulling, splicing, maintenance, and inspection. Conduit bodies are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations in aluminum, malleable, gray iron and stainless steel.

NEMA & IEC pin & sleeve devices

Securely seal your power connections and protect power delivery from moisture, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. Pin and sleeve devices utilize an interlocking ground pin and keyway outside of the plug for reliable, safe connections in all conditions.

Grounding fittings

Grounding your electrical systems is critical to protecting people and equipment from the danger of high voltage. We offer numerous grounding fittings, from bare and armored wires to combination ground clamps and lay-in lugs.

Hazardous location fittings

These fittings join pieces of liquid-tight conduit together or to electrical boxes and enclosures in hazardous locations, forming a tight seal to protect wire and cable against flammable gases, dust, or liquids. Fittings are available in malleable iron and aluminum.

Weatherproof products

Your customers need to know that their connections are safe and secure, no matter the weather. Our weatherproof products are manufactured to rigorous standards and designed to meet the most challenging weather conditions.

Additional products include expansion and deflection fittings, Flex-AC-MC fittings, cord grips, industrial wiring devices, PVC coated products, EMT fittings, rigid fittings, liquidtight fittings, and more.

All Current Electrical Sales sells exclusively to wholesale electrical distributors. It is headquartered in Moorestown, N.J., and operates distribution centers across the U.S. With three UL panel shops and a fabrication shop, it can also manufacture custom fabricated and assembled products.

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