Conduit Fittings & Accessories

We stock a wide range of commercial and industrial fittings from well-known manufacturers.

All Current has you covered; we are well stocked and ready to ship.  In stock items normally ship same day. With most of the U.S. within a 1-day UPS shipping window, you don’t have to keep your customers waiting.

  • Cable glands
  • Compression connectors and couplings
  • Conduit bodies and covers
  • Conduit device boxes and covers
  • Deflection and expansion fittings
  • EMT fittings
  • Explosion-proof flexible couplings
  • Flex – AC – MC fittings
  • Hazardous location fittings
  • Hubs
  • Liquidtight fittings
  • Moguls
  • Pulling elbows
  • PVC coated fittings
  • Reducing bushings and plugs
  • Rigid fittings
  • Seals
  • Seals with drains
  • Service entrance fittings
  • Split and 3-piece couplings
  • Unions
  • Weatherproof products
  • Aluminum, die cast zinc and​malleable iron fittings

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