ACP Die Cast Zinc Fittings

Our ACP fittings line has a wide offering of UL listed die cast zinc products. From conduit hubs to bushings and pull elbows to offset connectors, our ACP brand has you covered. 

With stocking locations nationwide, same-day shipping and local will-call pickup, All Current is your trusted source for die cast zinc fittings.

  • Conduit Hubs & Locknuts 
  • EMT Connectors & Couplings
  • EMT Combination Couplings
  • Liquidtight Connectors
  • Flex-AC-MC Connectors & Couplings 
  • Conduit Bushings
  • Rigid Conduit Bush Nipples
  • EMT Pull Elbows
  • Rigid Pull Elbows
  • EMT Offset Connectors
  • Rigid Offset Nipples
  • Rigid Box Spacers
Die Cast Zinc
Conduit Hubs
Die Cast Zinc
EMT Set Screw Connectors

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