A Look Inside Our Panel Shops

Recently Completed Projects

The All Current shops have been busy with custom UL enclosures, control panels, and more. Some of the latest projects include a panelboard in a NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure with a portable rack, custom aluminum white enclosures, and a NEMA 4X lighting control panel. Check out these projects below and view more projects in our photo gallery.

400A MCB 480v. 3ph. panelboard mounted in a
​NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure on portable rack

NEMA 4X 16X14X06 aluminum white enclosures

NEMA 4X 480V lighting control panel with 7 2P 20A breakers,
1 3P 30A breaker, 1 1P 20A breaker, and HOA selector switch

Custom fabricated 32X32X18 316 stainless steel enclosure

All Current can build to your specifications whether you require an assembled power distribution product, a custom UL control panel, or a custom UL 50 enclosure. The next time you have a need, our technical sales team is ready to help.

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