Featured Project: 4 MCCs With Fabricated Drop-Over Enclosures

Delivered in 6 Weeks


A facility in Guam required 4 MCCs but needed 316 stainless steel
drop-over enclosures due to the highly corrosive and humid environment. They also needed these assemblies to include power distribution transformers, panelboards, and annunciator systems, along with motor starters and feeder breakers. The four assemblies needed to be completed within six weeks after drawing approval.


The distributor involved called All Current, who engineered and constructed the entire project at our Houston facility. Starting from raw materials the NEMA 3X stainless steel drop-over enclosures were fully built in our metal fabrication shop. And utilizing components from our extensive inventory, the MCC units were assembled by our experienced UL panel shop technicians.

With a day to spare on the 6-week deadline, the project was finalized and air-freighted to Guam. 

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