UL 50: A Look Inside the Box

When you source fabricated enclosures, look for construction to the UL 50 standard. Here’s why.

You’ve seen the UL 50 rating so many times. It’s easy to overlook why this standard is essential in maintaining a safe work environment. First, let’s go over some enclosure basics.

Enclosures provide a degree of protection against incidental contact with live electrical connections that can cause electrical shock. They also protect these connections against environmental conditions like dirt, dust, and water that could damage the equipment and lead to a power outage or unsafe conditions.

NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) began offering a standard enclosure rating system for enclosure protection in the 1920s. Generally speaking, NEMA sets guidelines for where specific enclosure types should be used—indoor vs. outdoor, general purpose, etc.

Underwriters Laboratories established the UL 50 standard, based on rigorous testing, to ensure that enclosures meet the established safety standards to protect people and equipment in non-hazardous environments. A UL certified seal means that UL has tested the manufacturer’s enclosures, and they meet the construction and performance requirements of the demanding UL 50 standard.

Throwing any enclosure around your electrical connections won’t cut it. So, when selecting an enclosure, know your environment, know the required NEMA enclosure rating for that environment, and look for UL 50 certification. Understanding this criteria to choose the proper enclosure can lead to safe conditions for personnel and equipment.

All Current fabricates UL 50 enclosures in a wide variety of NEMA ratings, sizes, materials, and finishes. Whether it’s a custom specification, a small one-time batch, or a nonstandard size, we can fabricate to your requirements. Need an enclosure or help selecting an enclosure type? Give us a call at 800.223.0483 or email us at sales@allcurrent.com.

Custom UL 50 termination box
Custom fabricated termination box 10,000A rated
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