Ten Tips for Summer Storm Safety for your Business

Summer is time for beach rentals, pool parties, outdoor grilling, and nasty storms. In fact, meteorologists predict a hectic hurricane season for 2022, with ten or more storms possibly impacting the east coast.

Whether it’s a hurricane or a more typical summer thunderstorm, these ten tips will help your business weather Mother Nature’s bad side.

  1. Keep an eye on hurricanes. The worst summer storms are hurricanes, with their highly destructive winds and catastrophic flooding. Even if a storm is far away from your location, you should follow its track to plan your business activities accordingly. For example, keep an eye on your project schedules, deliveries, meetings, etc., as they may be impacted by severe weather and travel disruption. 
  2. Wind-proof your business. Check any garage or bay doors to ensure that they are in good working order and inspect windows for loose panes or old caulking. Do a walkaround to identify any tree branches that may damage the roof in the event of a storm.
  3. Check your insurance. Is it up-to-date and adequate to cover your property and equipment in the event of storm damage?
  4. Unplug before the storm. Identify any equipment that should be unplugged before an electrical storm arrives to prevent damage from electrical surges.
  5. Install surge protectors. These are a very affordable and smart way to protect your business equipment against common power surges during a summer storm.
  6. Label those breakers. Ensure that your circuit breakers are clearly labeled for easy identification.
  7. Back up your business with a generator. Have a well-maintained generator on hand and check it periodically to ensure that it starts. Depending on your business, you may want an automated system that kicks in when the power goes out.
  8. Don’t take lightning lightly. A typical lightning flash is about 300 million volts and about 30,000 amps. And you don’t need a direct strike to cause property damage or death. If there’s lightning around, stay indoors and away from windows. If your business does outdoor work, make sure that everyone seeks shelter during a storm and waits until it’s safe to go back outside. 
  9. Assess any storm damage.  When it’s safe to do so, take a walk around to ensure that your business has weathered the storm and that there is no physical or electrical damage to the property. But…
  10. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY ELECTRICAL REPAIRS!  Report power outages to the power company and contact a licensed electrician to check/repair any damage to your wiring or business equipment. You have your business and your life to protect—let the experts handle the repairs!

All Current provides 24/7 emergency service with nationwide locations and a sales team ready to help your business with replacing, restoring, and repairing damaged equipment. If you’d like to know more about the many ways All Current can help your business stay up and running, give us a call or learn more here.

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