Edison Fuses

In Stock & Ready to Ship

All Current is a stocking distributor of Edison Fuses.We carry a wide range of fuses in our 8 nationwide distribution centers, so we can quickly ship what you need. 

  • Class RK1, RK5: 200V, 600V through 600 Amp, Dual Element Time Delay & Fast Acting
  • Class L: 600V, Time Delay & Fast Acting through 6000 Amp
  • Class J: 600V through 600 Amp, Time Delay
  • Class T: 300V, 600V through 1200 Amp, Fast Acting
  • Class CC: Time Delay & Fast Acting through 30 Amp
  • Class K5 & H: 250V, 600V through 600A, Fast Acting
  • Midget Fuses: 200V, 500V, through 30 Amp, Time Delay
  • High Speed Fuses: 130V through 1000V
  • Cable Limiters: Copper, Copper / Aluminum through 750MCM
  • Fuse Holders, Fuse Reducers, Fuse Blocks
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