Conduit Outlet Bodies, Moguls, Covers & Gaskets

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All Current inventories a wide choice of conduit outlet bodies, covers, and gaskets from the brands you know and trust. Our nationwide distribution centers are stocked and ready to ship. In-stock items typically ship the same day, and with most of the U.S. within a 1-day UPS shipping window, you don’t have to keep your customers waiting.

Form 7, Form 8, and Form 9
Bodies, Covers & Gaskets

  • Sizes ½” through 4”
  • Body types:  C, LB, LL, LR, T, TA, TB & X 
Cast IronMalleable IronCopper-free Aluminum
Form 7
Form 8
Form 9

Mogul Bodies, Covers & Gaskets

  • Sizes 3/4” through 6”
  • Body types: BC, BLB, BUB, BT, LBD
Cast IronMalleable IronCopper-free Aluminum

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