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All Current Stocks and Supports c3controls!c3controls 30mm and 22mm Pilot Devices deliver top-shelf performance and are an ideal solution for companies looking to lower costs without sacrificing quality. 




c3controls goes the extra step to make sure their products outlast the competition.

Unique Product Features 

c3controls 30mm and 22mm Emergency stops contain solid brass detent mechanisms and are the most reliable heavy-duty stops in the world. This rugged design, which comes standard with a polyester clamp ring or optional aluminum clamp ring, ensures reliable, safe operation, and much longer life when compared to competition.


c3controls 30mm and 22mm Momentary Illuminated Push Buttons are molded with an internal self lubricant to provide outstanding wear without the troublesome greases used by other manufacturers.


c3controls 30mm and 22mm devices have their revolutionary U-Cup seal which is infused with a Teflon coating to eliminate cracking when exposed to harsh conditions.


c3controls Maintained Illuminated Push Buttons have rugged Lexan caps to resist high impact, for reliable performance even in high temperature environments.


c3controls 30mm and 22mm Pilot Light design is compact, thin and vibration resistant.  They utilize premium 130V incandescent and LED lamps for improved, long-lasting life.