A Look Inside the Panel Shop

MCC Buckets

When you have MCC bucket needs, All Current can help with replacement, modernization, restoration and more. We specialize in creating solutions to meet your customers’ tight timelines.

  • Current and Legacy Units
  • Staged Bucket Replacement
  • Aftermarket Support for Vintage MCCs
  • Genuine Component Parts

And should unexpected damage occur from storms or other incidents, our experienced technicians are ready to help you to get your customer back up and running. Whether it’s a handful or hundreds of MCC buckets, we specialize in quick turnaround.

After flood damage, hundreds of MCC buckets were pulled from an industrial plant and staged for repair in our UL 508A panel shop. 

All Current technicians worked resolutely cleaning, rebuilding and returning the hundreds of critical buckets to the plant to keep it operational. 

Have an inquiry or need a quote? Call All Current today.

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